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Paris Design Week

  Zakaria Rugs is part of the BOON_ROOM collection as of September 2021. BOON_ROOM will present Zakaria Rugs at the Paris Design Week, which starts on the 3rd of September, starting with a press event on the 8th September, 8.30am - 7pm. Their 700 square meter space will feature the rugs E la nave va, Saana, and Off Axis. BOON_ROOM is a luxury boutique gallery dedicated to curating art, design, and fashion. Located in the heart of Paris, the BOON_ROOM’s collections consist of the works of carefully selected, established, and emerging creative talents around the world. Aiming to challenge the senses by bringing these three disciplines together, BOON_ROOM has become one of the most respected and admired collections of contemporary design.   BOON_ROOM ...

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