Zakaria Rugs was founded by Philip Rosenberger in 2019 as a platform for design, where handmade rugs meet different cultures and dialogues.

By designing high-quality products intertwined with contemporary art, the essence of Zakaria Rugs is the appreciation for handcrafted goods, as opposed to the now-normalized fast-paced and unsustainable mass-production of goods. Unthoughtful, out-of-scale consumption and its consequences cause incalculable destruction to life on earth. In designing and selecting the best quality products to provide, we put justice, sustainability, and good workers’ labor conditions at the center. Zakaria Rugs takes ecology, fair trade, and the well-being of craftsmen in India and Morocco seriously.

By putting these values, traditional handcrafting techniques, and the remarkable work of artists first, Zakaria Rugs aims to build its platform to be innovative, sustainability-focused, and transparent, all while raising awareness for the importance of ecological production and inconsiderate consumerism.