Design Approach

The designs evolve through minimal gestures of digital drawings with lines, color, and the slight figurativeness of abstract shapes. Initially, the designs were made to integrate into the interior with forms that mimic the natural world through a digital lens. The fully abstract designs of the rugs have taken cues from the process of distorting the images through various devices and programs. The process of minimizing visual elements and leaving only suggestive forms and essential color blocks is an invitation to embrace the vivification of the painterly way of working with a brushstroke and perceive elements that can feel like accidents or effects of photocopying. The images are softly appearing with the help of subtle differences within the chosen palette of earthy tones.

Zakaria Rugs are designed to look and feel soft and warm, joined by the graphic touch of pictorial language and smooth chromatic nuances.

Next to our in-house production, we collaborate with artists and other creatives who are not only inspiring people but are also under our radar by contributing to the cultural community or expressing a meaningful connection to Zakaria Rugs. The collaborations are being guided along with our visual and functional design standards and are always treated solely with regards to represent the essence of collaboration in its most significant form.