By creating rugs that draw inspiration from art and fully sustainable production, Zakaria Rugs combines simplicity of design with the usage of natural raw materials. This, we believe, is a great contrast to the modern world's increasingly growing emphasis on mass production and unsustainable consumerism.
Our rugs are hand-woven in India and Morocco. The wool is sourced from New Zealand or Moroccan sheep and spun by an ISI-certified supplier. The certification is awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards to producers whose factories and products comply with a voluntary standard scheme. The yarns are colored with the natural dyeing methods derived from carefully composed mixtures of plants and flowers. The hand-dyeing process takes place in a cauldron over an open fire. There is no child labor in the production processes, confirmed by our producer's GoodWeave Certificate and declaration of engaging in fair trade practices. After the knotting, the last step is the washing of the woven rugs. This process is carried out with natural soap and finally the rugs are dried under the sun.
Zakaria Rugs found beauty in profound transparency of the origins of goods that are produced ethically. Hence, sustainably driven production is meant to raise awareness against mass machine production with undisclosed processes without acknowledging environmental problems.
We are fascinated by the handmade and nature-inspired goods that are both at the center of the economy and the power of the people of India and Morocco. From the finest natural textiles and yarn colorings, wooden carvings, crystals retrieved from The Atlas Mountains to pottery and metal tools - Moroccan communities sustain their living through ancient crafts, while doing the best not to damage the environment.
Inspired by Moroccan culture, Zakaria Rugs strongly relates to the ways of treating natural resources.
Zakaria Rugs has shifted most of the production to India since 2020. The translation of the designs requires high precision and technical standards that we encountered in one production facility near New Delhi. Being in close communication with the workers on a daily basis, we are able to focus on exchange, guidance, and understanding of the vision, design and craft. Locating the knots on the technical map gives us the opportunity to guarantee and produce rugs that reflect our vision and design standards. We have developed a framework in which an expansive production and consistent representation of Zakaria Rugs vision emerge.