Amsterdam Fashion Week

On the 2nd and 3rd of September 2021 THE HUB, a temporary concept store where fashion, art, and design brands come together, hosted by Amsterdam Fashion Week 2021. With a curated collection of local brands - from fashion to art and from jewellery to interior - THE HUB established a unique experience for fashion and design lovers. 
We showcased ‘Off Axis’ and ‘Saana’. The 'Off Axis' design originated in a time when the Adomaitytė focused on the semiotics of medical scans and x-rays. In this work, the scientific methods of processing visual data are carefully balanced with the delicate softness and intimacy of the human body.
The latter rug was designed by Saana Mirzaie, a model and creative living in the Netherlands. Dutch newspaper Het Parool recently published an article about her, and featured this particular rug which symbolises a change of direction in her life.
We presented both rugs hanging next to Zazi Vintage and Atelier Reserve - brands that shaped the Amsterdam Fashion Industry over the past years. We thank all visitors and exhibitors, the teams of Amsterdam Fashion Week and The Collection for this event.