Venice Art Projects

Philip Rosenberger founded Zakaria Rugs in 2019 in Amsterdam. It was created to be a platform that allows different cultures and dialogues to interact with the appreciation for hand-made rugs and contemporary art. The combination of art with the skills of traditional craftsmen is the essence of Zakaria Rugs, which opposes the unsustainable mass-production that has become normalized in our fast-paced world. To counter unthoughtful, out-of-scale consumption, Rosenberger wanted Zakaria Rugs to put justice, awareness for handcraft and the value of nature at the center of production. The designs of the rugs are created by artists, most influentially Gabrielė Adomaitytė, the head of design at Zakaria Rugs. 

Adomaitytė is the designer behind the ‘Off Axis’ rug — one of the six rugs of the Zakaria Rugs current award-winning collection. 'Off Axis' is derived from a series of related scans of a hand, copied time and again, resulting in a sequence of mutating organisms. Its design originated in a time when the Adomaitytė focused on the semiotics of medical scans and x- rays. In this work, the scientific methods of processing visual data are carefully balanced with the delicate softness and intimacy of the human body. Curated by Nicolò Pellarin in collaboration with Yasmine Helou and Venice Art Projects Zakaria Rugs exhibits ‘Off Axis’ between the 19th and 21st July at the end of Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Castello, Venezia, Italy. 

The exhibition in Venice provides access to the term re-location, moving within and towards environments you are comfortable with, while maintaining the roots of thought. Re-locating items seems to be a common phenomenon. However, we often see that origin, culture and habitat are not prominently communicated. Zakaria Rugs is raising awareness towards sustainable production while educating about conscious buying behavior and future consumption. 

Rosenberger spent parts of his childhood in Venice and now is returning with the signature piece ‘Off Axis’ in 300x200cm.