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Venice Art Projects

    The exhibition in Venice provides access to the term re-location, moving within and towards environments you are comfortable with, while maintaining the roots of thought. Re-locating items seems to be a common phenomenon. However, we often see that origin, culture and habitat are not prominently communicated. Zakaria Rugs is raising awareness towards sustainable production while educating about conscious buying behaviour and future consumption.  Rosenberger spent parts of his childhood in Venice and now is returning with the signature piece ‘Off Axis’ in 300x200cm. 

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BIG ART 2020

BIG ART is a platform for extra-large art installations and design objects. The pop-up enables both well-established and promising talents alike to showcase and sell their greatest works in a monumental building in Amsterdam. Initiated by Anne van der Zwaag - a curator, writer, and consultant - BIG ART has been organized annually every autumn since 2016.  Zakaria Rugs showcased E la nave va and Wavelet. E la nave va is a rug based on a 2017 painting by Adomaitytė. It depicts a ship and a water level measuring scale. The image is inspired by an illustration from a personal collection, which was then further distorted to color and line drawing. Wavelet, also designed by Adomaitytė, is inspired by ancient Japanese wave illustrations. The source of...

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