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About the Rug

Anything you regard as reliable will disintegrate and shatter in the process of speaking. We often misunderstand language. We think the mission of language is to describe something that already exists—that speaking is to pour water from my jar into your jar, and call it communication. 

— Qiu Zhijie


Pile Height: 10 mm

Density: 54,000 knots/m^2

Material: 100% trimmed sheep wool

Production: Hand-knotted

Custom Size:

Custom sizes are possible. Should you be interested, please contact Philip Rosenberger at info@zakariarugs.com or +49 1731679000.

Production & Delivery

In the first week we dye the hand-spun wool. From second until third week, we weave and knot the rug. Then we wash it four times and dry under the sun each time. Afterwards it is stretched before pack and ship it your way six weeks after your order. Total delivery time is approximately seven weeks.