Forgotten Handcraft

In the midst of the hurry that characterizes the 21st century, we should not forget to take a break to appreciate the way in which handcraft epitomizes our heritage, culture, and tradition. Handcraft's position has been challenged by the mechanization of production, resulting in a world of obscure supply chains where the notion of working with one's hands seems far removed from everyday life. Low-quality production, fast trends, and poor materials are forces that have come to obstruct the prominence of working by hand to create soulful and individual pieces.

There is much to be seen in a handmade piece. The past and present become intertwined when traditional knowledge, passed on from an artisan to another through the course of time, meets each new generation of ideas and visions. A process so beautiful and refined can never be replaced with mass-production, and the resulting products are not comparable in either character or quality. To ensure that handcraft is no transient concept, it is essential to take a step back from the prevailing culture of constant consumption. To this end, one can appreciate and savor the power of natural materials, artistic designs, and the treasured skills it takes to put the two together in a meaningful way. Each handmade piece is unique and tells a story: the challenge, now, is finding the time to listen. 


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