GEARS FOR FIERCE Video Production

In December 2021, Zakaria Rugs collaborated with Pre-Reserved studio to conceptualise and film the release of the latest rug collection: GEARS FOR FIERCE. Pre-Reserved is an old ship dock in Amsterdam-Noord, which provides studio space for shoots, video production, and events. Pre-Reserved provides the tools and creative thinking to spin your idea or product into a story. 

The industrial walls of Studio B, comfortably housed the four new rugs, ‘MEANS-ENDS’, ‘PCB’, ‘FACT INDEX’, and ‘SPINOFF’. 

"Outside, the night had left a sheet of ice and frost on the face of Amsterdam-Noord. A long-awaited sunlight welcomed the December morning. Inside, the industrial walls barricaded Pre-Reserved studio from the light, but not from the cold. While the elements did not accommodate for the fragile human body, GEARS FOR FIERCE sat in harmony with the vacant space around it. While the team was supported by heaters, chunky blankets, and hot beverages, the rugs floated comfortably in the center of the space. Four powerful figures, grey, sharp, alluring and complex. 
Joining the Zakaria Rugs team was Bob Sizoo as director, Zalán Szakács and Bob Roijen (from Raito Scenography) as light designers, and Denzel Möhlmann as camera expert and videographer. Fueled by fresh anticipation and the Jumbo bakery, the set up began. Boxes of all shapes and sizes were opened, cables of all lengths and purpose were unrolled and plugged in… All of a sudden a light show began. Through an impressive projection the surface of the rugs began to move. Fluid shapes dancing with each other, water ripples, flashing lights, mean, soft, quiet, loud. Pulsating lights accompanied the projection, unveiling new textures and details each time they glowed, which then would retreat back into darkness. 
Through this immersive experience, came a point of disorientation. The awareness of the sunny day outside was removed and categorized as subordinate information. The time did not matter because we were here and we were rolling. In fact, for sum, this was the perfect recipe for sleep. Once every few projection patterns, you would meet a team member on a break; a moment for the senses to breathe. With a snack and a conversation in mouth, you were ready to pull the curtain aside and enter the dark room again. 
All of a sudden we were outside again. This time with four rugs. Those impressive figures were now rolled up and tired. In a rush, they were loaded into a rental car, sped across Amsterdam, until they were home again. One at a time, they were lifted into place again. Once they were comfortable, another rush began. A flight was waiting patiently for drained and excited workers to board. A long awaited rest was coming."

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