Cover of Cover Magazine

Zakaria Rugs made it on the cover of Cover Magazine! Big thanks to photographer and creative director Rein Kooyman and the team consisting of Sophie van Hasselt, Ami Keita, Heelin Altiner and Philip Rosenberger.

We spend five extensive days surrounded by the French Alps to shoot Zakaria Rugs outside in nature. Captured by the majesty of the mountains, we wanted to connect our handmade rugs with nature, manifest our creative energies in order to create electrifying photography as a team. 

Rein Kooyman made the team walk through an ice cold river for 20 min with all gear held high above our heads until we arrived at this spot. We had to be rather fast, because the water level could rise at anytime. Therefore, Sophie and Philip were behind the rug, standing deep inside the almost frozen river, holding the construction against the wind while Ami and Heelin took care of our studio lights we carried all the way. 

It is a photo with a lot of power, a photo we as a team will not forget. We feel blessed that it received the stage it deserves - the cover of Cover Magazine. 


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