Top 3 Rug Collections at DOMOTEX 2021

The Carpet Design Awards give annual international distinctions to appreciate state-of-the-art hand-made rugs. Presented by COVER Magazine and Hali Publications at DOMOTEX, the Carpet Design Awards display the nominees to introduce the innovations and trends prevailing in the carpet industry today, with an international jury that assesses the rugs based on the design, concept, material, finish, structure, quality, sustainability, and branding. The jury consisted of Graham Head, Audrey Carden, Uwe Heublein, Irène Ribeiro, and Sacha Walkhoff - a team of accomplished and esteemed designers and creatives who have proved themselves as the leading experts in the field of design and carpets.

Despite the jury's uncompromising scrutiny, Zakaria Rugs was shortlisted as one of the nominees for the category of Best Collection. This category compares contemporary traditional or transitional design collections that share a common theme. While the nomination itself was already an honor, Zakaria Rugs received an outstanding review from the jury and, in the second round of reviews, was placed within the top three of the category. The acknowledgment strengthens our belief that there is immense value in handcraft, and inspires us on our mission to combine the beauty and depth of art with the tradition and skills of handcraft. 

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